I want to let you know that the reading you gave me was spot-on, and I want to thank you for helping me. You were positive that my circumstances were going to be alright, and they were. Everything turned in my favor as you read. You have harnessed an enchanting connection with spirit, and your gift is amazingly keen. I appreciate you.


I believe I speak for ALL souls on the YouTube community that Joana is the most accurate and intuitive empath there is. I have been following her for over a year and every month she never ceases to amaze me with not only her preciseness, but with her wealth of knowledge. Over the last few months, I have really been paying attention to the information she has been sharing for my astrological sign and I was so taken aback at the exactitude of the events transpiring in my life, that I decided to sign up for a personal Skype reading. That was the best decision ever! She pinpointed every aspect of my life. She not only confirmed the doubts that were lingering in my psyche, but provided deeper insights as well. I highly recommend Joana for not only the monthly readings, but specifically for the personal one on one readings as well. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed, for I know I was not.

Thank you again Joana for an outstanding reading. Keep up the fantastic work that you do.


Thank you so much for my 2 very own pieces !!! I Love them & hope you sell many more!!!


Spiritual Art Reading

Joana provided a very thorough and accurate reading. She was even able to recall information from my first reading (four months ago) and updated me on details from that reading which applies to my current situation. I found her reading to be much more accurate than any other reading I’ve received and it was so much more meaningful because I didn’t have any specific questions. I requested general information regarding three areas of life and she detailed so many specific pieces of information regarding my situation that I was floored. I’m excited to see the things predicted through the reading come to pass and I’m sure they will because every detail completely resonated with me. If you’re interested in receiving insight into your personal situation I highly recommend giving Joana a try. Thank you so much Joana; you’re gift is a blessing.


I just had a personal reading with Joana!!!! I am sooo thankful and grateful. You absolutely do have a gift. I’m so glad I chose you! You did more than just read my tarot. You’ve helped me heal. Thank you Joana! I will definitely come back for more!


I had my first reading with Joana today and it was such a special experience. She provided a calming and professional atmosphere and was already tuned in to my situation before the reading had even started. Throughout the reading she helped guide me in the right direction with ideas and suggestions on how to move forward, which really meant a lot. She wasn’t just doing her job, she showed a genuine interest in helping me through my situation. Today’s reading provided me with a clear direction which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much Joana! Will certainly be back for another reading.


After countless attempts to connect with someone..I finally found my connection..and I found it with Joana..I never thought in all of my life that having a Tarot reading would actually impact my life so greatly..Again, I searched and searched; only to be let down by so many other “gifted” people..These people to me were charlatans; their readings were full of what I like to call “fillers” and random guessing in hopes of getting something right. These unsuccessful attempts were mentally and physically draining..

When I finally saw Joana on YouTube..I immediately watched her videos over and over..continuously questioning coincidence and/or truth..I dug deep and found TRUTH.. The sense of relief was overwhelming. I actually felt relieved just watching her YouTube channel. SO, in my efforts to contact her, I was successful and she was kind enough to arrange a private reading via Skype with me..(No other person has ever even offered to personally Skype with me..It was always the run around, or call this 800 number and pay 8.00 dollars a minutes, or leave your personal info and we’ll mail you a personal reading)

Joana is the REAL deal..So truly gifted..The reading was so AMAZING..I cannot even find the right words to describe my experience. ..I will definitely seek her guidance again!!


Thank you Joana Moon Water Tarot for a powerful and accurate reading today. You are a VERY CLEAR INTUITIVE Joana and I’m very impressed with your precise interpretation and guidance. I have been working in the metaphysical field for over 15 years and truly believe you are a bright star with integrity on the path and within the field. You confirmed much of what I intuitively already knew but gave me validation and confirmation I was making the right choices and decisions. Your sound guidance, wisdom and understanding is much appreciated and will gladly refer you to friends as I know they will benefit. You are truly a gifted reader and spiritual guide for many who seek answers. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me and the world.


That was a wonderful and accurate reading. I am very grateful. I’m extremely private and its difficult sharing what we spoke about. Thank you for being in my corner. I felt the peace, security, and that your advice was practical. I thank you for your gift. God bless you and watch over you as you help others find their way. ♡♡ Superb ♡♡


Joanas readings were around 25 minutes long and within those 25 minutes she was so completely accurate with what she was picking up on, it was stunning. She gave great details on what Spirit and her were picking up, and advice on how to move forward. Throughout the whole reading I found myself nodding my head, laughing with her personal jokes, and truly resonating with everything she had to say. Her readings are precise, and very honesty which is my favorite part! No sugar coating. I highly recommend Joana and I know I will be coming back for more readings, hands down one of the best readings I have ever had!


3 Question Reading

Thank you for the reading tonight! I was blown away with how much you were able to pick up on from the very beginning. I look forward to keeping in touch and using your services again in the near future.


I began watching Moon Water Tarot when it first appeared in my You Tube feed. I was very attracted to the way Joana presented the cards and her gifted abilities to interpret. I decided to request a reading and I am so glad that has happened. Her connection with Spirit is clear, concise and cogent. So many things she told me are true, I am always stunned to listen. I will remain connected to Joana, she is truly gifted.


Joana, thank you for the powerful and accurate reading. I first came across your general readings and greatly resonate with them. Thus I plucked up my courage to ask for a reading. Throughout the whole reading I just kept nodding my head in agreement on the things that you’ve said. It is very precise and honest! I appreciate your kind advice too. The intuitive reading has helped me better understand myself and enlighten me on which direction I should take. I truly value your amazing reading and thoroughly impressed with your gifts. It was an incredible experience. I look forward to seek your guidance again!!!


When I had my reading with Joana I felt connected to her immediately she is very patient and she listened carefully to me. She was really accurate and I was shocked that she knew so many things about me I felt so good talking advice and her cat Nicolas loved me lol. I will definitely ask for her guidance and help again. Keep it up Joana you are amazing. Thanks.


Thank you Joana, for my private reading, everything resonated with me. And I thank you for the confirmation. My last question and the answers that were given to me has given me so much hope and I no longer have to question myself or beat myself up. My ship will come in soo, thanks.


I was amazed that Joana got so many aspects of my life in all the questions I passed on to her. She was spot on accurate with people and situations, and so helpful with guiding me to a better energy. She was profound with her advice and I loved her sincerity. She went way beyond the extra mile! I’m very grateful for my readings. She made my day 🙂


How is that one woman can impact so many people in away that feel authentic and blessed? It is because Joana, is blessed and living in her true purpose. She is kind, understanding, and devoted to a fault. Joana I want to thank you for being their for me and so many other people. You are truly needed and seem to be in the right place and time in your life. You and Nicholas are f true friends in my head not to mention spirit. I have really felt privileged by my interactions with you Thank you so much for being responsive to me. I am looking forward moving through this journey called life. I am TRULY blessed that you have shared with me your light and love!!!


Hello Joana. Thank you for a wonderful reading, it was very insightful and more so confirming for me. I feel like I have more energy and it helped me stay focus on the things I need to do. I told my girlfriend about how wonderful you were.