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Live Reading Packages- Please, SCROLL DOWN for VIDEO & EMAIL Packages

IMPORTANT: 24 HOUR notice must be given for any cancellations in order to get a refund.

All of your information is used only for the purposes of your Tarot card reading; scheduling your appointment through Acuity Scheduling/Intake Form; and payment through PayPal.

Prices Via Skype (All Countries)

Live 30 minute reading via Skype is $49.00 USD

Live 60 minute reading via Skype is $85.00 USD

Send Skype Friend Request To: Moon Water Tarot

Prices Via Phone (Currently for the United States only)

Live 30 minute reading via phone is $49.00 USD

Live 60 minute reading via phone is $85.00 USD

Video Recorded Readings— Link Sent To Your E-mail Address

Be sure to include the following information during checkout in the NOTES field.:

  • Your Youtube Email Address
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Current Location (City, State/Region, Country)
  • Your Detailed Question (The More Specific, The Better)
  • If the question pertains to a 3rd party, please include:
    • Person’s Full Name
    • Person’s Zodiac Sign
    • Person’s Current City, State/Region, County)

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